Monday, August 22, 2016


Logan Caldwell (Post Driver), Shelby Mason (Horse Shoe Star),
Drew Neth (Boot Jack)

The school year may be just starting, but many members of our FFA Chapter have been hard at work all summer long.  5 of our students exhibited projects at various fairs at the local, district, and state levels. 

Sam Uthe and
Elizabeth O'Dell
(Showed Rabbits)    

Congratulations to these students for all of their hard work and dedication to their individual projects, and their achievements in the National FFA Organization.  This is just another example of how our FFA Chapter is helping to make sure:  It is a Great Day to be a Redbird!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


   Image result for first day of school
 Several years ago (circa 1995) I made a decision.  I decided that I would abandon my plans to pursue a career in journalism and transition to education.  It was really a simple decision.  The economics didn't matter (neither occupation pays very well) and my family was supportive.  So I decided that I would leave the University of Missouri after two years and move to a cheaper school (CMSU) to finish my degree in education.

    I can't say that there were not hiccups.  My first two years in the classroom were adventurous and full of failures.  However, I had students who I enjoyed, coworkers who were supportive, and administrators who were VERY patient.  By my 3rd and 4th years I had begun to "hit my stride".  Things came easier, I really enjoyed teaching, and I was decent at it.

    Now, as I look back, I can't believe that this is my 19th year as an educator.  After 12 years in the classroom and now my 7th as an administrator, I feel like I have seen just about everything.  I have become one of those "grizzled veterans" I remember from my early educational career.  However, there is one thing that hasn't changed for me...I still love the first day of school!

    I still toss and turn the night before the first day.  I still wake up before my alarm because I don't want to oversleep.  I still get butterflies as I pull into the parking lot on that morning.  So why do I still feel this way after 19 years?  Because every first day is a clean slate.  It is a fresh start.  Everyone is happy and visiting.  It is a time of excitement.  

    Last year I introduced our motto:  "Excellence In All We Do", this year we will continue that pursuit.  We had a very good year last year. Attendance was up, discipline was down, the sports teams did very well, we saw a renaissance in some clubs such as FCCLA and NHS, FFA had its most successful year in recent history, Our band received a 1 rating, many organizations such as our Art Club undertook community service projects, our whole school began giving back to local communities, all in all it was an excellent year! 

    It is important now for us to keep striving for greatness.  We cannot rest on our accomplishments of last year, we must choose to build on them.  I am excited to see where we can lead this school next.  We have a lot of great things happening.  We will move into a new building next year, our enrollment has increased for the second year in a row, we are producing intelligent, compassionate, and productive citizens every year.  Winston High School must continue to be a leader in our conference, our area, and our State.  It is a Great Day to be a Redbird!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


"Rome wasn't built in a day", "It takes a long time to turn a ship", you name the cliche and Winston Band Director Zach Keller had heard it.  In the Fall of 2013 he took over a music program that had not received a "1" rating at State since 1994.  The last three years have been a labor of love for both he and his students.  The focus for both director and students was to make Winston synonymous with excellence in music.  The Winston band is young (21 of its 24 members are sophomores or younger) but talented.  The students have bought into the program, worked hard, and this year they have began to see the fruits of their labors.

Taylor Smith

The accolades began rolling in on April 2nd when Sophomore Taylor Smith earned a "1" rating for her flute solo.  Ms. Smith will now represent Winston High School at the State Solo and Ensemble Contest April 28th and 29th where she will undoubtedly make us proud.  The students were excited about the recognition that a member of their band had received but they had their eyes on a bigger prize.  On April 7th the band traveled to Maryville to the campus of Northwest Missouri State University to compete in the MSHSAA Northwest Music Festival.  This is the highest level of competition for bands in the state.  The Winston band had been steadily building towards this contest all year.  Our band students did not dissapoint.  The hardwork that everyone had been putting in over the last several years all paid off as the Winston band earned a "Superior 1" rating for the first time in 22 years.  Congratulations to Mr. Keller and all of his band students.  They represented our school at the highest level and they are a big reason why: It is a Great Day to be a Redbird!